• Number: 38
  • Position: FWD CF: CF
  • Colour: Red
  • Power: Bicycle Kick
  • Power Trigger: Pair
  • Hire Cost: 200,000
  • Sell Cost:
  • Unlock Condition: Concede 3 goals
  • Unlock Price:

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Other DescriptionEdit

Toby Van Mercy is a parody of Arsenal's Robin van Persie.


Pair him up with Steve Jepoardy and Dicey Dave. Each roll put the Bycicle Kick on the highest dice and put the Assist on the Wildcard. Repeat this until your total is higher than the opponents then hit play on.

  • To get Dicey Dave on your squad leave the spot empty then go back to the screen that says privew/play and hit play but he can only roll wildcard so don't put him in centre foward