• Number: 75
  • Position: DEF CF: -
  • Colour: Grey
  • Power: Offside Trap
  • Power Trigger: 3
  • Hire Cost: $9,000,000
  • Sell Cost: $5,850,000
  • Unlock Condition: Complete 3 matches in Tournament 3.1
  • Unlock Price: $4.99

In-Game DescriptionEdit

With the twist of a shoulder, Theo can turn a scoring chance into an offside trap. When he teams up with Narnia, it's improbable to score.

Other DescriptionEdit

Theo Fernando is a parody of the Manchester United defender, Rio Ferdinand.


If the opposition has this player on their team, I strongly recommend using Through Pass strategies. If he is on your team combine him with players that trigger their abilities when they roll 3