Is an advanced powerup in Dice Soccer, which is actually made up of 3 'Charge' powerups placed on your opponents dice evenly. This may seem very powerful, but if used against a switching strategy, the tables might just turn. By the way, the only player known to have this ability is 'Theo Fernando,' who is a defender. The powerup triggers on a roll of 3, and provided that he doesn't have any, you got to find someone else with a ton of them to make it effective.

Successful formations with this powerupEdit



Theo Fernando, Syrio Romas, [your choice] (make sure it has a lot of 3s, eg. Narnia Villish)

Syrio Romas helps Theo Fernando trigger 'Offside Trap' while Narnia Villish will also help Theo while also helping to trigger 'Sliding Tackle' and adding 'Zonal Marking' to the mixture.