• Before Earning Award:* Scored At Least 100 In One Roll
  • After Earning Award:*

Player UnlockedEdit

Kits UnlockedEdit


  • One strategy to unlock this achievement is using Perfect Cross skill. 3 forward consist of 1 player with Perfect Cross, 1 player with high number of dice, 1 player with high multiply skill (x3 or x4). Example: Caliente Rollovo, La Messy, Toby van Mercy. For Toby van Mercy, try to roll a number 5. For La Messy, roll a high number. Then let Caliente Rollovo do his work. And with a little bit of luck and his skill, Perfect Cross and Wild Card will do the job. Hold the dice for La Messy and Toby van Mercy. If Perfect Cross triggered, always give the re-roll to Caliente Rollovo. Scoring 100 or more is not that hard using this strategy. This strategy no longer works in 1.20. Please see Feet of Feats for new strategy.
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