• Before Earning Award:* Scored At Least 150 In One Roll
  • After Earning Award:*

Player UnlockedEdit

  • The Special One (Entourage)

Kits UnlockedEdit


  • Since Caliente Rollovo's Perfect Cross skill is discarded in this new version of 1.20, we have to use another strategy to score this high. Using Footy Spice is one of it. Antonio Lucacci, Footy Spice, and Toby van Mercy. Hold Footy Spice's dice at highest one 6, Toby van Mercy's at 3. Keep giving Perfect Cross skill to Antonio Luccaci. Pair of 3s will trigger Toby van Mercy x3 skill. Give this x3 to Footy Spice. I managed to score 400+ just in 1st try. This is very effective.
  • 150