Centre Forward: Dmitri Bubbletop

Forwards: Dryin' Legs - Vain Looney

Defenders: Theo Fernando - Three Lung Park - Narnia Villish

Goalkeeper: Dave the Jewel


Manchester United have a good defense if 3 rolled or Three Lug Park rolls a wild card



General StrategyEdit

For forwards, work with a through pass rolling setup with your forwards. This allows you to bypass diablos (seemingly) easy forwards but also trample through the defenders of zonal marking and division (uuuggghh!!) On the defensive, diablos forwards are high dice numbers but with special powers based on rerolls and cancelling yours. An infinite reroll loop will be able to out-roll diablos forwards so you can see the number you need to beat. As this only requires 2 defender spots, add in a synergised debuff.

Example Player ChoicesEdit

What I used to beat them and strategy: Forwards - Forward # 62 Neo Ballcop - (goal striker) Midfielder # 77 Callente Rollovo (IAP exclusive) - Forward # 22 Ray Breeze Strategy: With control of the ball, There is only 1 even number on Neo and Callente ONLY rolls odds and allows 2 rerolls on a 1 so Ray has a 50% chance of gaining 2 rerolls to secure odd numbers To gain control of the ball, Neo triggers feint if the total of your dice are odd. Using the reroll loop, setup odd dice and KEEP NEO ON THE TOP OF THE SCREEN so you get the feint first to remove zonal marking before dividing rerolls. At the goal, Callente can only roll 5's. Check what numbers the goalkeeper rolls to determine your chance at a goal. If he can roll higher, cross your fingers or if you roll a 1/wild and diablo rolls higher than 5, give the opponent a reroll as the AI ALWAYS reroll dice. Downside of this lineup is if there is a (in the above order) 2,5,2/6 roll. You get nothing special. Defenders - midfielder # 21 steve jeopardy - defender # 19 Bryan Nelson - defender # 2 Earnest Mulligan Strategy: With # 21 and # 19, set it so they have a 1 and a (2 or 3) on their dice and # 2 next to your finger. Give the rerolls to # 2 and keep rolling. If Earnest rolls a pair and the opponents get a -1 to each player. If it's a 1, it's a pair and 2 rerolls. Keep the rerolls going. it's a 1/3 chance to gain 2 more rerolls and eventually the diablo offensive will have a total of 0 and your 1 will win. Goalkeeper - Honestly, I had the starting goalkeeper the entire time. If they get through, I had no chance of beating the striker so I didn't bother buying a new one until the very last one who rolls a 10 (# 73) was unlocked.